Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unpleasant Spiritual Experiences

While in psychiatric practice I was treating my second multiple in Santa Cruz, when, in desperation, I asked for a clairvoyant psychic reading from a professional psychic. He also happened to be an M.D. who had become a psychic reader and teacher. He told me that this patient was possessed by the spirit of a dead drug addict who was now acting out by using the body of my patient, who was also an alcoholic. No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere with her! Again in desperation, I did my first exorcism, and it worked! I was then able to let the patient leave the hospital without her suicidal urges, as she felt something gone that had been causing her to attempt suicide many times before. She lived another five years before killing herself when her second husband, another alcoholic, decided to go home to his mother.

I also had multiples who were “sapping and zapping” people in order to entice them or harm them. They told me about how they did it, but they usually left me out of it. But the lady mentioned above, on whom I did my first exorcism, sapped me mightily one evening and took away most of my energy for the rest of the day.

Such are the types of mighty unpleasant spiritual experiences I have been faced with, in dealing with these patients. Since they are very highly hypnotizable persons, they are also psychic as well, seeing auras, knowing what others are thinking and reacting strongly to others’ emotions. We psychiatrists could not survive if we perceived others this way, so it was hard to realize the nature of their reality. If a therapist could experience others’ emotions so strongly, he or she would soon go psychotic. So those of us who continue doing therapy are not like that. Therefore we have a hard time thinking someone else is like that.

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