Sunday, April 27, 2008

Evil Spirits, Shamans, & Priests in Vietnam

Annette is an Australian wife of a man with MPD whose maternal ancestors were Vietnamese. She has read my material and here describes ancient Vietnamese beliefs on evil spirits and Troi, their name for The Creator. I have inserted comments of my own [in brackets] as the material relates to what I was taught by the CIE using the bodies of my MPD patients.

“Vietnamese people absolutely believe in the presence of immortal entities such as God and angels and evil spirits. However, Satan doesn’t exist. Christians believe that Satan (Lucifer) is a fallen angel whose power is almost as powerful as God who constantly challenging God and wanting to take over. There is no such entity in the traditional belief of Vietnamese people. There are only evil spirits who carry violent, angry, hateful energy who release these energy into susceptible human beings causing them harm. There are different levels of evil spirits with different powers and energy level but they are nothing compared to God; they can't even fight against the power of the various Deities and Minor Gods. Even the Souls of an enlightened, righteous person are strong enough to overcome these evil spirits. Therefore they never wish to fight God; they don’t even dare to fight the deities and minor gods and they even avoid people with strong Via and enlightened Souls. They only look for sick weak people who either invite them or have "openings" in their psyche to possess and cause harm to. I noticed that your CIEs never told you that the Devil exists. [The CIE report that Thoughtspace, their universe, only contains Intelligent Energy which can only radiate Agape Love. Evil is not even in their dictionary, as it is a quality defined only by human beings. As to the Devil, they agree with Elaine Pagels, a biblical historian who noted that the Devil started out to be anyone a religious person disagreed with. It was not part of theology in the first place, but a human one did not agree with.]

“God, to Vietnamese people, is not a person but an "entity" called Troi. Troi literally means Sky, the whole sky with stars and planets in it, i.e. the universe. Troi has no gender. Troi has no feelings. Troi is totally detached from human beings. Troi doesn’t even interfere directly with a human being, everything is done via various angels and minor Gods and deities. Troi is like an entrepreneur who creates a company, builds an office to house the whole production, creates the employees of the company who will run the production lines. Troi then creates managers and supervisors to reside over the workers. Troi then steps back, sits down and watches the whole process from a distance. Troi relies on his managers and executives to run the firm well. Troi doesn’t even tell those executives what to do. Troi only tells them what the end results to achieve then leaves the CEOs to figure out how to do it themselves. There are no rules. As long as the production line is going well, Troi leaves it all alone. [This is exactly how the CIE describe the behavior and history of The Creator. One added feature is that The Creator decides on Projects to be done and then assigns one Spiritual Professor CIE, like Charity, to direct that project. She has no rules to go by and can use any method she thinks will work. It seems to be the ultimate in “the end justifies the means,” something considered abhorrent in human behavior.]

“When the CEOs have a problem and report to Troi, then he will do something about it. If not, Troi won’t do anything. There is a common complaint in Vietnamese language that "Sky doesn’t have eyes" (i.e. He can’t see and isn’t helping me). The word Troi has two meanings, the other virtually means sky. It’s valid to say "Sky is blue", meaning just that, and "Sky isn’t fair" referring to Troi now as a kind of God. Vietnamese people don’t usually pray to Troi directly, as they know Troi doesn’t do anything directly, but everything is acted out via the various minor Gods, deities, and sages. However, since some of those minor gods have feelings and therefore can act irrationally, people will then complain to Troi to intervene. [This last statement is not true, according to the CIE, as no CIE have been given the ability to experience or show human emotional feelings. They can have very strongly held attitudes on many subjects, and they will take action based on those attitudes and their estimate of how likely the behavior is to accomplish their goals. But they have no feelings to go along with the attitudes, in contrast to human, who do.]

“In folklore, to tell stories and to make it easier to understand, Vietnamese people then "humanize" Troi into a kind of supreme King called Ngoc Hoang, who reigns over all of the minor gods. However, this is only present in fantasy stories; Ngoc Hoang isn’t the Troi that Vietnamese people talk about in their daily conversation.

“Vietnamese people believe that evil spirits come from humans. Troi doesn’t create anything evil, but it’s there and humans are free to choose to welcome this energy into their lives by acting up wrongly, i.e. exerting the freedom to mess up. This evil energy harbored inside a person can grow and grow and become powerful and take over the person. When released, it can get into another person. When this energy is attached to Souls and/or Spirit, it becomes an evil spirit. An evil spirit, when in control of a body, will make the person roll his eyes up, leaving only the white visible, makes him hop or glide instead of walk, and will often cause both arms to be held straight up in front. On a side note here, it’s interesting that both the eye roll test and the hung arm test are used to measure hypnotizability of a person. Maybe the evil spirits know these tests and would pick only those with high hypnotizability to possess as it would be easier.

“Everyone in Vietnam (and I believe in China, too, as I have seen it in Chinese movies) know that to stop these possessed bodies one needs to hit the third eye, the spot between the two eyebrows, hard. This will guarantee to stop it in its track immediately so that you can run away to safety. The third eye is considered the invisible eye to the unconscious. Humans are born with three eyes, two to look outwards and one to look inwards. However, the third eye is covered up due to sins and bad emotions. Only the enlightened can remove all the things that cover up this eye and be able to see inwards and therefore connect with God. [A Swedish psychiatrist first wrote about how a therapist of a “multiple” can cause a switching of alters by touching the center of the forehead. I then did that on many multiples successfully and taught it to the nurses on the psychiatric ward where they were housed when in distress. The frontal chakra is considered the gateway or antechamber from inside the mind to outside and control of the body by an alter. It is also the gateway to the pineal gland in the center of the skull, which one ISH told me is where she was “located” when operating the body. The pineal gland seems to be a master hormone producer which can control the other glands of the body, so is like a master switchboard the ISH can control.]

“Vietnamese shamans are often mediums like my grandmother. There are professional ones who do this full-time. They usually have no family and live all their lives in a temple. Other priests can also control spirits, including evil spirits. Those are often Taoists. They control them by using a rectangular piece of yellow paper, blessed by powerful words or spells written on it. They stick this paper on the forehead of the possessed body, between the eyebrows. They then can control the spirit inside.

“Another concept which is common knowledge to Vietnamese people is the ability to move different type of energy around the body. There are various energies from healing energy to poisonous ones to angry, evil ones. With practice, especially meditation and martial arts, one can learn to control these energies and move them around the body at will. These energies come in and leave the body through the hands. One can use their hands to pass on healing energy, to get rid of poisonous energy or to suck energy from another person. These energies can’t enter or leave the body any other way. I have never heard of anyone using their feet, for example, to conduct these energies. However, humans can only move the energies that belong to humans via their hands. Energy from God, from the universe, from the Soul, can only enter and leave the body via the head, the top of the head.

“A very powerful person well versed in witchcraft can suck this energy out of you through the top of the head and therefore kill you. In the old days, every Vietnamese person wore some sort of headgear to protect their heads, sometimes even inside the house. Touching someone’s head is an absolutely no-no in Vietnamese culture. [These concepts make my Bottle Routine work, in that the patient, in a light trance, can move anger-energy out of his body into a bottle in his hands. When he is done, then the therapist needs to have him take in lots of Agape Love energy through his coronal chakra on the top of his head. This is a very healing process which I have used many times with multiples. This concept also is behind the sapping and zapping my patients have explained to me and which I wrote about long ago. It was well recognized in parapsychology literature as a hazard of doing business with such people, some of whom are very impolite and like to sap energy from others, and zap into them ideas they shouldn’t be thinking, a crude form of brainwashing.]


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unpleasant Spiritual Experiences

While in psychiatric practice I was treating my second multiple in Santa Cruz, when, in desperation, I asked for a clairvoyant psychic reading from a professional psychic. He also happened to be an M.D. who had become a psychic reader and teacher. He told me that this patient was possessed by the spirit of a dead drug addict who was now acting out by using the body of my patient, who was also an alcoholic. No wonder I wasn’t getting anywhere with her! Again in desperation, I did my first exorcism, and it worked! I was then able to let the patient leave the hospital without her suicidal urges, as she felt something gone that had been causing her to attempt suicide many times before. She lived another five years before killing herself when her second husband, another alcoholic, decided to go home to his mother.

I also had multiples who were “sapping and zapping” people in order to entice them or harm them. They told me about how they did it, but they usually left me out of it. But the lady mentioned above, on whom I did my first exorcism, sapped me mightily one evening and took away most of my energy for the rest of the day.

Such are the types of mighty unpleasant spiritual experiences I have been faced with, in dealing with these patients. Since they are very highly hypnotizable persons, they are also psychic as well, seeing auras, knowing what others are thinking and reacting strongly to others’ emotions. We psychiatrists could not survive if we perceived others this way, so it was hard to realize the nature of their reality. If a therapist could experience others’ emotions so strongly, he or she would soon go psychotic. So those of us who continue doing therapy are not like that. Therefore we have a hard time thinking someone else is like that.